Reduce reuse recycle

Do you want to know how to recycle more of what you use and throw away? To celebrate Global Recycling Day, we’ve created a sustainable guide containing tips to help you recycle more of the correct materials.

First, let’s start with some recycling facts to put the problem into context.

Recycling facts

Reduce, reuse, recycle

A circular economy is about eliminating waste and reusing our finite resources again. Recycling plays a vital part in the circular economy as it focuses on turning unwanted rubbish into new valuable materials. The main benefit is that it reduces damage to our planet caused by pollution and climate change.

However, recycling shouldn’t be considered a first resort. If you can’t reduce, reuse, repair, or repurpose what you have, recycling may be the next best thing.

Yellow recycling bin
Blue recycling bin
Recycling bins

Our sustainable guide below provides some valuable tips to help you recycle more of the correct materials.

Home recycling

You can recycle these materials in your recycling bin at home:

At selected supermarkets

Local council and recycling points (such as in-store)

Recycling schemes

Sustainable recycling facility
sustainable recycling
sustainable guide for recycling categories

Finally, if you want to find out more about where you can recycle products, packaging, and materials, check out the Recycle Now website.

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