If you went to a festival several years ago (I’m talking 10+ years), you had to stick with your festival tribe if you wanted to prevent being split up and lost.

I’m a firm believer that festivals are for everyone and that everyone should benefit from the amazing musical, artistic, cultural, and social experiences that festivals offer.

If you love a big crowd and want to see on stage only the best artists in the world in your chosen genre, a large festival may be right up your street and festival aftermovies are a great way to get a sense of a festival experience.

There are some huge festivals in the UK but you don’t need to be confined to those on your doorstep as you can experience some amazing festivals abroad. We’ve pulled together some of the biggest festivals in Europe and to help you decide which one’s best for you, we’ve included the official aftermovies from 2018.

So, turn up the volume and pour a cold drink while you immerse yourself into some of the biggest and best festivals of yesteryear.

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