Eco-conscious luxury travel products

The very nature of travel often means increasing the carbon footprint on the planet. But there are ways to minimize the impact and reduce plastic pollution on your journey, so you don’t have to feel guilty about exploring our wonderful world. It starts with making conscious decisions about the products you take on your travels.

Whether you’re backpacking, going on a city break, or planning to lie on a beach for a fortnight, we have a range of affordable luxury eco-friendly products for your next travel or holiday experience.

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I ordered this [Eco Festival Kit] in preparation for Boomtown a four day festival in tents! And everything was so handy. When I received the bag I initially thought everything was too small but they really do last, after four days I still bought lots of bits Home! The poncho has been saved as I already had one, a friend used the ear plugs and thought they were great. The deodorant was my fav part of the kit it’s such a lovely smell and stood its ground on my usua dove spray deodorant. Travel wipes were lush, the toothpaste wasn’t for me but my partner used it all so clearly loved it! I’d recommend this 100%”